iTunes, AppleTV, etc.

5:30 PM -- OK, first and foremost, I didn't really write anything about the release of iTunes 7.2 with the overpriced DRM-free EMI joints, because it shouldn't be news. This is like when your Mom got her first cellphone: You're happy she sees the utility but she's mad late to the game and things are not going to go smoothly for at least a few days. The rocky launch could be a welcome sign of unexpectedly high demand for the new files, but I'm not putting on my party hat until I see some numbers.

Besides, Om Malik's sloppy live-blogging of the Steve Jobs interview at the Throw Some D: conference had more interesting tidbits, namely the integration of YouTube directly into AppleTV (which he says "LOOKS GREAT"). This is a wise move, given the grim predictions about iTunes video's future.

Jobs also calls iTunes on Windows "ice water in hell." Damn!

— A.L. Friedman, Editor at Large, Light Reading

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