ITU Speeds Standards Process

GENEVA -- The first two ITU standards using its new fast-track approval process called alternative approval process (AAP) have been successfully approved. This new procedure was adopted by the recently-held World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly in a bid to further reduce time-to-market delivery of standards and more closely match the industry's timeframes and operational practices. Under the alternative approval process (AAP), an ITU-T standard can now be approved in as little as four weeks after notification of the last call period.

The first two standards approved using AAP are:
* ITU-T Recommendation G.964 (03/2001) - V-Interfaces at the Digital Local Exchange (LE) - V5.1-Interface (based on 2048 kbit/s) for the support of Access Network (AN)
*ITU-T Recommendation G.965 (03/2001) - V-Interfaces at the Digital Local Exchange (LE) - V5.2-Interface (based on 2048 kbit/s) for the support of Access Network (AN)

Using this new accelerated process, over 25 texts were announced for last call on 29 January with comments being accepted until 28 February. All comments received for draft ITU-T Recommendations G.964 and G.965 were positive allowing the Study Group 15 management team to declare approval on 1 March.

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