It's a Dry Heat

3:10 PM -- Can we please stop referring to the desert as being a "dry heat"? That's the one thing people always say when you tell them how hot it is in places like Las Vegas or Phoenix. It's meant to imply that it's not so bad due to the lack of humidity.

It's time to cut the crap already. At NXTcomm in Las Vegas this past week, the "dry heat" was on full display. Just look at the temperature read-out inside a car I was riding in around midnight on Tuesday night:

101 degrees. At midnight.

Yes, it was a dry heat. But when it's 101, it's 101. And 101 never felt good. When it's 93 in New York and the humidity makes it feel like 101, does that 101 feel good? No, it certainly doesn't. In fact, all the dry heat does that other heat doesn't is give you chapped lips and a dried up nasal cavity that makes it uncomfortable to breath. Sounds pleasant, no?

— Raymond McConville, Reporter, Light Reading

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