ITF Releases Polarization Pump

MONTREAL -- ITF Optical Technologies, a worldwide supplier of state-of-the-art photonic components for next-generation optical networks, announces the release of its All-FiberTM Polarization Pump Combiner specifically designed to increase optical amplification power. ITF’s All-FiberTM Polarization Pump Combiners (PPC) successfully completed a high power live test (over 500 hours of testing at a power of 1.9 W). In addition, ITF’s All-FiberTM PPCs offer exceptionally low insertion loss - as low as 0.25 dB, and are completely athermal. To better meet customer demands, ITF can custom-design All-FiberTM Polarization Pump Combiners for use with any Raman or EDFA wavelength.

“Expanding our amplification product portfolio to provide our clients with global solutions that deliver increased end-to-end performance, while bringing cost advantages, was a natural evolution for us ” said Hélène Chartier, Assistant VP Marketing.

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