'It Wasn't Me'

8:00 AM –- Did you sit up in bed last night and wonder aloud: By gosh, what ever happened to the PR person for that Canadian core router startup, Hyperchip Inc. ? In case you did, I have good news. She's alive and well and, apparently, quite the celeb among the 3D software industry. Here's an excerpt from a recent interview she granted to one user group:

You know what? Every visit to a customer site is memorable - whether it's a big studio like Animal Logic or Aaron Sims' personal studio in Hollywood . The fact that I get paid to go around the world and visit studios of all sizes and talk to these amazing artists - who is that lucky?

Well, not us, obviously. So, Ms. Thang, how did you enjoy your telecom years?

Working at that telecom company was a blast - until the telecom industry bottomed out and lost a trillion dollars in market cap alone and jobs and companies were being eliminated left and right. The early 00s where rough in high tech all over - but it was VERY ugly in telecom, and I knew it was time to get out. Plus, looking back (especially at photos), it wasn't really me. The industry was just a little too corporate for me, although I did meet some incredibly smart and talented people that I still speak with all the time. And of course, afterhours it's all the same - a tradeshow party will always be a tradeshow party. Although, while Alcatel did hire Earth, Wind and Fire to perform at their parties, I absolutely prefer to groove to Crystal Method instead!

I won't ruin the rest of the interview for you. Except that it actually contains the following sentence: "So yes - for the record - party organizing IS hard work - but at the same time, it doesn't totally suck either."

— Phil Harvey, Grooving to Crystal Meth Editor, Light Reading

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