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It Lives! Supercomm to Ride Again?

Uh oh, don't look now but Supercomm might be back from the dead!

Light Reading is hearing from informed industry sources that the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the United States Telecom Association (USTelecom) -- along with the Quest Forum -- are preparing to put the old band back together.

TIA, USTelecom and the Quest Forum are expected to announce their intention to do a Supercomm-style trade show on North American soil again on Monday.

If you were a sentient comms being in the 1990s, this news either makes your feet ache or your liver hurt -- most likely both! Reflecting the boom and bust cycle of the industry, Supercomm became a big show with masses of exhibitors and lots of partying.

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When the telecom bubble burst, however, the show lost its lustre. Attendance fell off and the sponsoring partners fell out and eventually hosted competing shows, neither of which thrived. USTelecom and TIA came back together for two more attempts at making the old magic work before pulling the plug after the 2009 show in Chicago. (See Supercomm 2010 'Shelved' by Owners.)

Since then, TIA -- the association for equipment vendors -- has tried to do a major show on its own, first in Washington, DC, and then in Dallas, but has never regained the industry-wide attention that Supercomm once merited. Coming back together with USTelecom -- the association of the service providers -- is apparently its attempt to regain past glory.

So is there a place for Supercomm or something similar in the US in 2016? Events in the US have tended to be smaller and more focused recently.

Hopes aren't high for a new Supercomm in the industry. "They will never, ever, ever, ever succeed at this," one North American service provider, who wished to remain anonymous, said of the TIA and USTelecom's plans.

What do you think, readers? Could Supercomm make a comeback, or is it too much of a throwback?

— The Staff, Light Reading

jasonmeyers 11/11/2015 | 8:36:37 AM
Re: what a shitty circus Here you go... Supercomm 10.0: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/tia-2016-announced-comprehensive-event-focused-on-next-gen-communications-networks-2015-11-09
nasimson 11/10/2015 | 10:38:32 PM
Focused vs big Targeted, focused and smaller Telecom shows are better, more effective and more beneficial for industry professionals. Big shows are big but that's just it. With more foot fall, but fewer takeaways.
Steve Saunders 11/8/2015 | 3:52:42 PM
what a shitty circus Joking aside, I agree with the service provider quoted here. This seems like a bad idea. To do shows properly you need more than just "the wish to put on a big show" - you need passion and enthusiasm and, i believe, content. TIA's recent shows have not been known for these things. 


Disclosure: LR runs a show (obviously).
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