Is Bing a Big Deal?

5:00 PM -- Today on Contentinople:

  • Everyone is talking about Bing, Microsoft's new search engine, but Contentinople publisher Scott Raynovich is skeptical whether it's as important as everyone is making it out to be, and whether it can really compete with Google. "The fact is, it's going to be really difficult for Microsoft to take a leadership position in search, no matter how many bloggers write about it," he writes.

  • thePlatform has released its new mpsManage Ingest Service, which is designed to make it easier to ingest large or dynamic video libraries. "As we've looked at bringing on big customers as well as updating some existing customer sites, we've found that ingest is starting to become a significant cost for them," Marty Roberts, the company's vice president of marketing, says.

And in today's News Bits, Imax shares fall 4 percent on news that the delay of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince could hurt its profits.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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