IPWireless Strikes Double Deal

Wireless broadband infrastructure vendor IPWireless Inc. finally has something meaningful to shout about following multimillion-dollar deals with carriers AtlasONE Malaysia Sdn Bhd. and Airdata AG (see Malaysians Deploy IPWireless).

The wins deliver a much-needed credibility boost for the vendor after months of claimed "imminent" contracts that overshadowed last year’s initial win with New Zealand’s Walker Wireless (see IPWireless's Stuck Record and IPWireless Walks New Zealand).

The AtlasONE deal is valued at $180 million, a project that will see the Malaysian startup roll out broadband wireless services on the 2.5GHz band to a potential subscriber base of 500,000 by 2005. In clinching the deal, the vendor’s marketing director Mark Pittick claims to have seen off “all the usual suspects.” Likely competitors would have included Flarion Technologies, Navini Networks Inc., and ArrayComm Inc..

Analysts believe the win is significant, but point out the gulf in stature between a broadband wireless deal and a typical Tier 1 3G contract. “It is one of the largest commercial broadband wireless deployments to date, although if you compare it to a 3G or cellular deal it is probably small potatoes,” comments Emmy Johnson, principal analyst at Sky Light Research.

The vendor also revealed to Unstrung a commercially deployed contract win with Germany’s Airdata. The deal is yet to be publicly announced, but Pittick states that the project is of a similar financial ilk to the Malaysian win.

“Airdata is in the process of rolling out services in Stuttgart, and their intention is to cover 70 percent of the country,” he adds. “They want to wait until they have covered the majority of Germany before announcing it.”

Despite its success, neither deal is the Tier 1 triumph the vendor has been promising for as long as Unstrung can remember [ed. note: about ten minutes, then].

Not that this stops Pittick from waxing lyrical on future plans. “We are about to announce a bigger deal in the next four weeks in Europe, and another one in the Americas shortly after that,” claims the marketing man. “And some major mobile names towards the latter part of Q3 and into Q4, which we hope will lead to a domino effect.”

But will those be small potato dominos?

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

Boloman 12/4/2012 | 11:38:32 PM
re: IPWireless Strikes Double Deal Title says it all.
spc_myles_telos 12/4/2012 | 11:38:30 PM
re: IPWireless Strikes Double Deal Would be interesting, not sure if there has ever been a public summary of a competitive matrix, not purely on technology, but things like throughput, deployability, maintenance etc..etc... almost RFP-like, for review... would be interesting... across the spectrum of new broadband wireless players...
whip 12/4/2012 | 11:37:44 PM
re: IPWireless Strikes Double Deal http://www.flarion.com/newsroo...

Commercial customers
Boloman 12/4/2012 | 11:37:33 PM
re: IPWireless Strikes Double Deal Que? Or rather where?
In fact my opint was that the IP wireless deal didn't look so imprpessive.
wonderfull 12/4/2012 | 11:35:54 PM
re: IPWireless Strikes Double Deal I agree...this is a bogus PR. The startup carrier with zero revenue issuing a P.O for $170 million!

More likely the startup carrier's business case)if it exists) says...if X subsribers sign up in 5 years the total CAPEX is $170 million...

TeleGone 12/4/2012 | 11:35:32 PM
re: IPWireless Strikes Double Deal The determined deal for IpWireless and Navini is SprintGÇÖs deal. The word is that Sprint will pick up the winner before the end of this year. I guess the winner will get the last laugh. For now, rumors are that IpWireless is slight ahead of Navini. I guess this news will not help NaviniGÇÖs moral either!
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