BigBand's Big Bucks Guys

If you've been wondering how much the top guys at BigBand Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: BBND) make, wonder no more. We've got the compensation figures right here, courtesy of the vendor's recent IPO prospectus (See BigBand Files for IPO.)

In its initial S-1 filing, logged with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) late last month, BigBand reveals that it's now paying Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, its Israeli president and CEO, a base salary of $290,000 a year. Bassan-Eskenazi can also earn up to a 30 percent bonus this year, pushing his total potential compensation to about $375,000. In 2005, he received slightly over $350,000.

Fellow Israeli Ran Oz, BigBand's executive VP and CTO, follows next on the regular pay scale. The company is now paying him an annual salary of $200,000. Like Bassan-Eskenazi, Oz can also qualify for up to a 30 percent bonus, boosting his compensation as high as $260,000.

That's it for the two main BigBand Bonus Babies. The company is paying straight salaries to three other top execs -- Frederick Ball, senior vice president and CFO; Gil Kaufman, executive VP of worldwide engineering; and John Connelly, executive VP of marketing and business development. Kaufman and Connelly are making $200,000 apiece while Ball is taking in $225,000.

But Jeffrey Lindholm, BigBand's senior VP of worldwide field operations, stands poised to earn more than all of them. Lindholm's latest contract calls for an annual salary of $250,000, plus "additional variable compensation" of up to $150,000 if equipment sales go well and he performs up to snuff. He's also eligible for sign-up bonuses totaling $50,000 if he simply stays with the company through May 1. That all adds up to a tidy $450,000 this year.

Nice going, Jeffrey. Maybe your colleagues should ask you to handle their contract negotiations too.

— Alan Breznick, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

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