T-Mobile releases IoT developer kits into the wild

US operator T-Mobile is launching IoT developer kits which is described as "its next step to unleash developers to innovate for wireless."

The kits are supposed to enable developers to connect to and build things for the T-Mobile network "with no strings attached," and are available through T-Mobile DevEdge, the operator's "self-serve developer platform" that launched earlier this year. The firm boasts that the kit "democratises" access to the network, and makes it easier to create connected solutions – though what they might be is left nondescript.

The release states rather dramatically "for years, the carriers have stymied, stifled and slowed wireless innovation, with their limited support, inaccessible experts, and bureaucratic processes to just get access to their networks." The developer kit is supposed to change all that as whoever wants it can get their hands on this kit and rustle up "the connected solutions of tomorrow."

It costs $99 a kit, and includes an SDK (software development kit), access to free APIs like device location, SMS notifications, and diagnostic tools, a CAT-M IoT Network SIM with speeds up to 375 Kbit/s, embedded sensors and radios, bluetooth and wifi enabling hardware, and other such things those working on connectivity innovations might need.

– This is an excerpt from a longer article on our sister site, Telecoms.com. Read the full story here.

— Andrew Wooden, Editor, Telecoms.com

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