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Gabriel Brown 5/21/2018 | 9:13:00 AM
Re: Dedicated Core is not enough Good comment fmalka --I wasn't aware of jpu.io. Maybe LR should get you on the next Israel road-trip video. I'm sure you're aware, there are a few companies with this kind of approach (Expeto, Cisco/Jasper, Nokia, etc, Working Group Two?). It would be interesting to hear how you do things.
fmalka 5/21/2018 | 4:12:37 AM
Dedicated Core is not enough It is indeed elementary to be able to provide a dedicated mobile core to support a specific IoT vertical in a more agile way. However, most of the IoT use cases are very costs sensitive and having a traditional dedicated core is costly. In addition, the mobile core doesn't provide all the functionality required to most of the IoT use cases, you would typically require a connectivity management platform and a billing system to support the IoT use case. In some other scenarios you might also require additional elements to provide end-to-end security and to manage the edge devices themselves. Therefore, there is a need, for a consolidated lightweight solution that can provide all these capabilities in one platform, this to support  both mobile operators and enterprises to make IoT business possible and profitable. For more details, i recommend visiting https://jpu.io.
danielcawrey 12/1/2016 | 3:58:16 PM
Re: Non-LTE LPWAN The cost model is why I'm really interested in IoT micropayments. These could be done with digital currency - the San Francisco startup 21 Inc. is looking into doing this. Micropayments for microservices I think are the future of IoT. 
Michelle 11/30/2016 | 9:44:13 PM
Penny bots We knew something like this might come as demand for IoT connectivity grew. I'm pleased to see plans like cost access for these devices - it makes sense.
Joe Stanganelli 11/30/2016 | 8:44:48 PM
Non-LTE LPWAN @Gabriel: What are your insights here as to why, despite enthusiasm for Cat-M1 and related techs, telcos seem to have largely pooh-poohed Non-LTE-based LPWAN solutions?
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