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NYC: Inside the Internet of Bins

Forget the phone booth beacon scandal for a moment, because you might be surprised just how many inanimate objects are getting fitted up with radios in NYC these days.

For instance, Light Reading has spotted Big Belly solar compactors in New York's Times Square:

We've seen these sophisticated garbage receptacles before: Verizon Wireless was showing them off at its Innovation Center in Waltham, Mass. (See Pics: Verizon Innovation Generator.)

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As you can see below, the trash compactors are equipped with a solar panel on the top and an LTE radio at the front. The radio lets the trash compactors can alert cleanup crews when they get full.

Like the Bluetooth beacons, these M2M radios are just another one of the expected millions of new devices that will get connected as part of the Internet of Things. As far as we know at least, however, this bin brother isn't watching you... yet. (See Does M2M Need LTE?)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

mendyk 10/8/2014 | 4:08:21 PM
Re: Saves money Maybe there's a way to mash this app with Uber to create a whole new employment sector -- freelance bin emptiers.
DanJones 10/8/2014 | 12:38:42 PM
Re: Saves money Or they never get emptied because they never actually fill up :-) I'm a trash can half empty type of guy.
Mitch Wagner 10/8/2014 | 12:18:41 PM
Saves money This looks like a good application of IoT technology. Saves having to spend money sending people around to check on the bins. Also it might get the bins emptied more promptly, improving sanitary conditions. 
mendyk 10/8/2014 | 11:00:14 AM
Garbage in... What's somewhat scary is the idea that garbage cans will soon be more self-sufficient than some people I know.
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