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Sprint Wields Its Influence in the Valley

Anne-Louise Kardas, Sprint's connection to startups in the Valley, explains how telcos can be innovative and find new opportunities with partners.

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pcharles09 9/30/2014 | 11:29:55 PM
Re: Good to hear @smkinoshita,

I guess that's a gift and maybe even a curse. I wouldn't be surprised if the Sprint service up north was a lot better.
smkinoshita 9/30/2014 | 1:12:03 AM
Re: Good to hear No, I haven't seen a Sprint logo in years.
pcharles09 9/29/2014 | 11:44:41 PM
Re: Good to hear @kq4ym,

I've been waiting for that value & additional services for years. All the while, my bill is increasing year over year.
pcharles09 9/29/2014 | 11:43:37 PM
Re: Good to hear @smkinoshita,

Do they still use Sprint's brand name in their marketing?
briandnewby 9/28/2014 | 8:46:25 PM
Re: Good to hear Back in the day, Sprint had an objective of being an enabler of network-centric applications.

I had a hard time with that because a fair argument can be made that all networks are equally enabling and even then, they aren't necessarily enabling.  They are transporting, and there is goodness in that, but "enabling" suggests much more.

Thinking of robotics, and veering from there a little bit, it does seem there could be some opportunities in overall home and office automation.  If the idea was differentiating a device, and Sprint doesn't make devices, it seems like one thought might be to push for devices in things (like refrigerators, tvs, alarm systems) that are pervasive and work best on the Sprint network--maybe even controlled in the cloud.

I'd rather have heard of a market than a product where the focus was (business and consumer is pretty broad) but here's to the energy!
kq4ym 9/27/2014 | 5:45:15 PM
Re: Good to hear Any innovation has to be a good thing for Sprint and the customers. Just how much influence Sprint wields will be interesting to grapple with as they try to add service and bring more value to the area and customers.
smkinoshita 9/27/2014 | 1:07:55 AM
Re: Good to hear Considering that Rogers ate Sprint Canada, I'd be glad to just see more competition up North.
pcharles09 9/25/2014 | 11:03:56 PM
Re: Good to hear @smkinoshita,

It wouldn't hurt as a Sprint customer to have a new or exiciting service. The last big thing I can remember Sprint doing is acquiring Nextel years ago.
MordyK 9/25/2014 | 6:40:30 PM
Re: Good to hear I like seeing Sprint paying some real attention to this space, but I question their ability to differentiate once it gets to the device level, which is now an area that all carriers are equal and the OS's are the differentiators. The network side however is an area where their only competitors are their fellow carriers and they can truly differentiate, although that is usually controlled by the RAN guys which are very controlling and don't let much non-ran-essential innovation6 gain a toe hold.

The big-data lab ought to be interesting, as their existing Analytics team in Burligname is a really great team based on some of the projects i've seen come out of it. I hope they merge that team with the big data innovation lab.
sarahthomas1011 9/25/2014 | 4:55:52 PM
Re: Good to hear The partners it is looking for have to do with innovative new ways to use their network and applications and services they can make revenue on. Some of that may involve advertising, but I don't think that's the point.

Sprint also just opened -- or maybe is still in the process of opening -- two labs out there. One focused on general innovation and one specifically on big-data, which I think will be really interesting to see what comes from it.
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