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SAP on New Telco Revenue Streams

LONDON, 9/25/2017 – At Ovum's recent Digital Futures event in London, Stephan Gatien, general manager for telecommunications business at SAP, discusses some of the prime focus areas for telecom operators that are driving new revenues 'beyond connectivity.'

sarcher60555 9/25/2017 | 3:23:39 PM
New Telco Revenue? My mobile bill has been flat for months as I use VoIP WiFi calling features when roaming, OTT services to replace SMS or MMS features.  Telco's knocking on my door to sell me Home Connections?  Cyber Security Features?  IoT?  Arent there 10's of dedicated companies working in these spaces for past 5 years with reputations for on-time cost-effective delivery ahead of any Telco?  

I only expect constant electrical flow out of my wall sockets from my Energy Provider why would I expect anything but 4/5 bars of Cell Tower Coverage from my Mobile Operator?
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