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Unlicensed LPWAN Connections (Millions)
Notes: Figures are based on estimates of active connections; Sigfox number is based on company's end-2018 target.(Source: Companies, industry sources)
Notes: Figures are based on estimates of active connections; Sigfox number is based on company's end-2018 target.
(Source: Companies, industry sources)

iainmorris 2/9/2019 | 3:15:24 AM
Re: Ingenu Babak Razi responded with the following comments:

"Thanks for the comments Lawrence. Just to set the record straight -- we are not debunking Lora or SigFox -- we are passing along information coming from Lora and SigFox customers who deployed in scale with unacceptable outcomes. It is not a criticism -- this industry needs to stop marketing talk and get down to the business of understanding customer needs. Defending outcomes that are failing and have failed does not further anyone's interests. I am not clear whom you are talking to regarding battery life and sensor issues, but I suggest you actually pick up the phone and talk to folks that are deploying RPMA today and get some real-life answers. RPMA works -- it is the only system that was designed and tested for years before it was deployed. I don't want to get into a tit-for-tat here -- this also doesn't serve anyone's interest. Ingenu's problems were directly related to mistakes made in business strategy, marketing and improper vetting of partners. The technology platform is solid and outperforms. Let's just leave it at that. Please take a look in the mirror and stop defending failed systems and flawed strategies. We will certainly do our best to succeed using this approach. Please do the same and perhaps one day we can all start collaborating to serve the needs of a global economy that is screaming for machine connectivity."
LLM2M 2/7/2019 | 12:16:59 PM
Ingenu Iain, thank you for the excellent article.

Just a few comments:

"The Ingenu technology would cover the same area as a Sigfox network with a fraction of the sites".  Provided they could actually do this (unproven so far), and since they can't change physics, it requires more sensor side power.   All companies using the ISM band have to play by the same set of rules. So, something has to give. This is a major problem according to companies I have personally talked to that have tried Ingenu. It makes battery life and/or sensor size to house a large battery problematic. 

"RPMA's ability to support "downlink" communications -- from the network to the sensors -- was also far superior".   Just to be clear, this is a true statement when compared with Sigfox.  It is not true for LoRa, as LoRa features full duplex communication including FOTA capabilities.

Ingenu, like Sigfox, is not an open standard.  They are both start-up companies using proprietary technologies.  Building a global ecosystem is an extremely daunting task.  Networks without solutions are doomed to fail.  IoT is just as much about "interoperability" of things as it is "internet" of things.  The "O" in IoT can just as easily mean open.  IoT is NOT about proprietary solutions.  The odds of either company pulling this off are slim to none.

"Whether or not Ingenu's technology is the best in the industry, its marketing has "sucked," Gazzolo concedes."  Over the years I have been both a partner and competitor to John Horn and his former CMO Landon Garner going back to thier Raco Wireless days.  We are acquaintances but not close friends.  I can tell you from personal experience they are two of the best, most effective marketers in all of IoT.  No one would even know about Ingenu and RPMA if it wasn't for them. I did not agree with thier strategy, but I admired thier marketing.  What's really ironic is that it is Mr. Horn's picture that is the cover on the article.  Gazzolo's comment is laughable at best.

Ingenu has done well in the oil and gas vertical where the power concern is not an issue.  It's also a vertical where cash is readily available if the ROI is right.  Ingenu might be wise to consider themselves a vertical solution and stop trying to be something they are not and will most likely never be.

Lawrence Latham


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