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Cisco's IoT Leader Finds Other Things to Do

Cisco's vice president and general manager of the Internet of Things (IoT) Group is leaving the company.

Blogger Brad Reese first revealed that Guido Jouret has resigned from the networking giant. The Wall Street Journal later reported that, according to Cisco, Jouret is leaving to "pursue a new opportunity."

Rob Soderbery, SVP of Cisco's enterprise networking group, which oversees the IoT division, will now directly manage it.

Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) CEO John Chambers has been a vocal advocate of the opportunities represented by machine-to-machine (M2M) and the IoT. He has previously pegged the market size at $19 trillion. (See Chambers Caught in 90s Deja Vu.)

The company has also recently boosted the amount of funding it has on hand for startups by an extra $150 million to $250 million, with early-stage IoT/Internet of Everything companies being one of the main targets for investments. (See Cisco Investments Gets $150M Boost.)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

Mitch Wagner 5/12/2014 | 6:38:30 PM
Re: Earnings Wednesday Another reason this is awkward timing: Cisco's annual Live event is next week, big partner/customer confab with a focus on IoT. Going to have to explain why their top IoT guy went AWOL. 
DHagar 5/12/2014 | 6:33:25 PM
Re: Earnings Wednesday @kq4ym, definitely.  This is in a key stage for them in taking the lead in the networking for IoT.  They are going to have to play this carefully.  This will be interesting.
DanJones 5/12/2014 | 2:08:55 PM
Re: Executive exodus? Hard to judge exactly, worth watching for sure.
kq4ym 5/12/2014 | 1:41:24 PM
Re: Earnings Wednesday The earnings may be a surprise to some of course, but what will be said will be interesting to hear. Positive or negative you can be sure some thought it going into the Wednesday meetings.
bosco_pcs 5/12/2014 | 1:34:44 PM
Re: Executive exodus? In a way, it is part of SV's culture. However, the exodus could also signal the ceiling factor of the company. Not only the super salesman has to walk the talk but also has to move on himself to show there are reasons for others to stay
Sarah Thomas 5/12/2014 | 1:16:13 PM
Re: Executive exodus? That's true. He probably has his pick of innovative IoT companies. And, it wouldn't be the first time a Cisco exec has left to form a competing startup...
DOShea 5/12/2014 | 1:04:34 PM
Re: Executive exodus? Just where IoT is concerned, he probably has his pick of jobs right now at a bunch of companies, and it might be good for Cisco to have Soderberry take over direct responsibility--I know he has been pretty involved in some of the marketing and product announcements around IoT.
DOShea 5/12/2014 | 12:55:57 PM
Earnings Wednesday Cisco's quarterly earnings call is Wednesday--wonder what CEO John Chambers will say about this...
Sarah Thomas 5/12/2014 | 12:28:41 PM
Executive exodus? So Cisco's M2M is out, less than a month after its head of small cells left, which was a couple of months after its director of service provider mobility marketing left. Is this becoming a concerning trend?


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