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AlcaLu's Weldon Lands Nokia CTO Role

Marcus Weldon will take the role of CTO and President of Bell Labs at Nokia once the Finnish vendor completes its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, Light Reading has learned.

Weldon, currently CTO and El Presidente at Bell Labs , did not feature in the list of post-acquisition senior executive names issued by Nokia a few weeks ago, an omission that sparked questions about the future role of the charismatic Brit. (See AlcaLu Execs Lose Out as Nokia Unveils New Top Team.)

At that time, Weldon said he was waiting to hear about any offers of roles at Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) but was hopeful of joining the Finnish firm.

Now, following a tip-off from a source who requested anonymity, Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU) has confirmed that Weldon will transfer his current job titles over to Nokia next year.

It is unclear how Weldon's role will relate to that of Marc Rouanne, who was named as chief innovation and operating officer (CIOO) at the "new" Nokia: Rouanne's responsibilities include driving "cutting-edge innovation at internet speed throughout Nokia, using the power of Bell Labs and FutureWorks to shape Nokia's vision across the business groups," according to the vendor's official announcement last month.

Also unclear is the role that will be taken at the expanded Nokia by Hossein Moiin, Nokia's current CTO, though Light Reading believes he will continue to be part of the senior technology team.

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Like any CTO worthy of the title, Marcus Weldon likes to get close and personal to next-gen technology.
Like any CTO worthy of the title, Marcus Weldon likes to get close and personal to next-gen technology.

The appointment of Weldon is likely to be seen as a positive for Nokia: He has been credited with transforming Bell Labs and re-energizing the role of the R&D facility since he became its president in November 2013. Most recently he launched the first ever Bell Labs book, The Future X Network, about how networks will transform in an era of "digitization" and the "connection of everything." (See AlcaLu Breathes New Life Into Bell Labs.)

The news of Weldon's appointment comes in the same week that two of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent's main rivals, Cisco and Ericsson, announced a strategic partnership that, many believe, is in part a response to the impending creation of NokAlu. (See Cisco + Ericsson: Analyst Reactions.)

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Kruz 11/28/2015 | 2:43:48 AM
Re: Right man for the job I agree. Weldon seems to be the logical choice at this stage, with an excellent career and long experience in the field, handling this role for more than 10 years now.  
kq4ym 11/27/2015 | 7:18:29 PM
Re: Right man for the job Weldon certainly seems like the best choice to take on the Nokia role. With his vast experience not to mention he wrote the book on "how networks will transform in an era of "digitization" and the "connection of everything." Looking forward to seeing how the transition will work out versus competitors who seem to be playing a bit of catch up.
Gabriel Brown 11/13/2015 | 9:57:44 AM
Re: Right man for the job Nice scoop Ray.

Marcus Weldon will be an excellent CTO of the combined company. It's a massive role, with huge responsibility, etc. 

I would like to know what Hossein Moiin's role will be. He doesn't seem the type to go quietly. That said, I've never met him.
entrepre35302 11/13/2015 | 9:33:26 AM
Right man for the job Agree with Ray. Nikia should be happy he is staying given reduced scope (innovation toys) although I'm sure with bell labs there will be ample oppty to innovate. Clearly one of the more senior n-2 roles in the new company D
pdonegan67 11/13/2015 | 5:22:43 AM
CVLO Ah but who's going to serve as CVLO - Chief Velizy Liaison Officer?
[email protected] 11/13/2015 | 3:54:33 AM
Re: Bone Channelling the direction and efforts of Bell Labs into the broader group is a job in itself and that, I think, requires a certain type of individual, one who can motivate and also who gets the tech evolution story. I think Weldon has proved his worth on all these front during the past few years and it would have been a mistake to not let him continue the role at Nokia. 

So I think this is more than a bone thwon at ALU -- I think Weldon is the right person for this job.
R Clark 11/12/2015 | 7:38:41 PM
Bone Sounds like management have thrown a bone to the ALU staff, though hard to envisage his role given the existence of the CIOO. He's quite articulate so perhaps he will be the face of Nokalu at industry events. 
bosco_pcs 11/12/2015 | 2:22:54 PM
Good news? Hope he hangs around a bit. 
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