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Why Analytics Is the Tech World's Digital Glue

It was obvious at the massive annual CeBIT enterprise tech trade show that the foundation for tech innovation right now is real-time analytics.

Virtual_Robert 3/30/2017 | 8:42:53 AM
Re: MIssing links for network analytics ...and Dan is spot on too! There *is* a lot to be discovered by using analytics tools, but then what? So much of what analytics vendors market tails off into "...so that appropriate action can be taken..."

Refreshing to see someone with Dan's status itemise the whole problem: 1) make sense of the data, 2) determine the action required, driven by business context/objective, 3) execute the action to completion. Can't get to automation by any one of these alone. 
DanPittPaloAlto 3/29/2017 | 7:04:14 PM
MIssing links for network analytics Ray is spot on in observing the importance of analytics. But collecting data alone is not enough. You have to first distill information from the raw data; this is often where machine learning comes in. Then to determine what action you want to take you must convolve the information with the business objectives (policy, compliance, traffic engineering, SLA obligations, revenue optimization) of the network or system operator. Finally you need a mechanism to alter the behavior of the network or IT system in real time. The brittle, pre-configured and provisioned networks of today are not amenable to much real-time behavior modification. Fortunately network programmability and SDNFV enable this and are increasingly found in commercial offerings, though, reasoning backward, they alone are not enough, either.
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