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Universal Parks Taps Into MachineQ's IoT Platform

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Comcast today announced a collaboration between its enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) service, MachineQ, and Universal Parks and Resorts, to use low power wide area networking (LPWAN) technology for IoT projects at its Orlando location. Using MachineQ’s integrated hardware and software platform, which is being fully deployed at the Orlando resort, Universal’s operations and IT teams are able to quickly test and launch IoT projects designed to increase operational efficiency in the park.

The MachineQ platform provides IoT hardware and software tools that will be accessible across the entire Universal Orlando Resort. With the network in place, wireless sensors that can detect temperature, location, energy consumption, and more, and can be affixed to park assets that operations teams want to monitor or control, such as food refrigeration units, fleet vehicles, and utility meters.

Once activity is recorded by a sensor, it relays that data wirelessly to a MachineQ gateway, which in turn can be delivered over the internet to a digital dashboard used by park operations and IT staff. With this information at park operations teams’ fingertips, new efficiencies can be realized in the management of the park. Examples of these efficiencies could include optimizing maintenance schedules, identifying anomalies in the consumption of utilities, or understanding usage patterns of fleet vehicles.

The engineering team at Universal is leveraging MachineQ’s public APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to build an application that connects storage lockers at the Volcano Bay water theme park. In addition, Universal is piloting a solution to use IoT sensors to improve management of its food and beverage inventory at the Orlando resort using more data. Future use cases for leveraging the platform could include smart outdoor lighting, tracking mobile assets like golf carts, and water leak detection.

MachineQ’s B2B IoT platform is deployed using LoRa network technology.


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