Helium targets roamers and dreamers

Kurrant Insights, a Light Reading content partner, has reported on Helium's network, looking at how its users get paid for providing connectivity. The video story complements Light Reading's August 2 report: Helium 5G launching soon with about 1,900 nodes across 700 cities.

This Kurrant video report features an interview with Mark Phillips, VP of business development for Nova Labs, the recently rebranded company that runs the Helium wireless network, Helium blockchain and Helium cryptocurrency, HNT.

Nova Labs has raised over $360 million from investors and has aspirations to be a de facto coverage extender for the LoRa-based wireless network for Internet of things (IoT) services and now 5G. Helium's service is not meant to be a mainstream cellular coverage replacement, but analysts say it could handle the needs of some smart city applications.

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– Diana Blass, Video Director, Kurrant Insights

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