Eurobites: Telefónica Tech finds remote control

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom sounds a warning; OneWeb steers a course for autonomous shipping; more boxes from Nokia, ADVA.

  • No, not that wire, that wire! Telefónica's digital arm, Telefónica Tech, has launched an augmented reality-assisted remote operations service that allows experts back at base to connect remotely with technicians in the field to provide them with real-time assistance through smart devices. The service, available only in Spain, is the fruit of a collaboration with TeamViewer, a German company specializing in remote connectivity. Telefónica boldly claims that with this service companies will be able to speed up manufacturing processes by up to 25% and reduce errors by up to 50%.

    (Source: Telefonica Tech)
    (Source: Telefónica Tech)

  • A couple of announcements involving Deutsche Telekom today. First, the operator says it is ready to launch the trial operation of Cell Broadcast, a smartphone-based mass public-warning system. The plan is that the system will be working smoothly in time for Germany's "nationwide warning day," which takes place on December 8. Second, Deutsche Telekom has been part of a "latency busting OTT collaboration" with Oslo-based Appear. The pair claim that their system, which has been used by a "well-known German broadcaster," has driven OTT latency down to levels comparable with satellite and cable distribution.

  • OneWeb, the satellite broadband company co-owned by the UK government and India's Bharti Global, has signed a deal with HD Hyundai Avikus, a company specializing in autonomous shipping. The partnership will test the use of OneWeb's low-latency LEO (low-Earth orbit) service to improve data sharing between ship and shore.

  • Nokia has extended its range of stuff with the introduction of a new industrial 5G fieldrouter and dongle to enable smoother IoT connectivity for enterprises, educational establishments, cities and other entities in North America. The new hardware can be deployed in Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) 3.5GHz spectrum in the US and Canada as well as Anterix 900MHz licensed spectrum nationwide across the US to connect machines, autonomous vehicles and robots.

  • Germany's ADVA has unveiled a new 10G Carrier Ethernet edge device for harsh outdoor environments. It's called the FSP 150-XO106, it fully integrates with ADVA's Ensemble Controller and Packet Director, and it doesn't even need a cabinet! Result!

  • Red Bee Media, the broadcast technology bit of Ericsson, is deploying Quortex disaster recovery software from Synamedia for live streaming services. Quortex was acquired by Synamedia in July 2022.

  • Another Swedish media technology company, Net Insight, has been rejigging its management structure, creating a new R&D unit in the US, which will be headed up by former Director Development Mats Herolf. The company is also appointing a new CTO group for Media, which Ulrik Rohne will be responsible for, while Per Lindgren takes the role of group CTO and (great job title this) head of sync.

  • Lightning Fibre, one of the growing band of UK altnets, is to expand into the counties of West Sussex and Kent following further investment from private equity firm Foresight Group. Lighting Fibre already has a presence in the southern English towns of Eastbourne, Hastings, Hailsham and Heathfield.

  • Three UK has zero-rated seven more websites that it believes might be useful for struggling households. Customers on its network will be able to access a range of financial advice on these sites without eating up their data allowance.

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

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