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3:00 PM -- One thing about Cisco, if the press isn't getting its message out there wide enough and often enough, marketing will more than make up the slack.

Today, as Cisco goes full hot on optical networking, white papers start falling from the sky like the frogs at the end of Magnolia. Here's the whole lot, all published today:

KiSS of Death?
Mark today on your calendar as the day when Apple TV gets official head start on whatever new media adapter Cisco is cooking up within its Linksys/KiSS confab. (See Apple TV to Ship.) Back in January, Cisco previewed a magical device to enterprising reporters who were curious enough to ask: "Hey, what's behind that black curtain under the TV?" Cisco's networked DVD players have been a moderate hit in Europe, but this Apple TV-killer is supposed to be something more. We'll see. (See Cisco Adapts to iTV .)

Do you like to watch? Tell me about it.

— Tasman Jasmine, Cisco Watcher, Light Reading

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