Intel Maxes on 3G Spend

If you thought Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) cranked the hype machine to maximum with the launch of its 802.16 silicon this week, be prepared for further headspin later this year when the silicon giant unveils its 3G chipset.

Speaking at the WLAN Event in London this week, Intel’s Scott Richardson, general manager of its broadband wireless solutions division, gave an insight into the company’s 3G ambitions.

“We invest more in 3G silicon than we do in WiMax right now,” he told conference delegates.

In February last year the vendor outlined its 3G market plans for a “dual mode W-CDMA solution,” codenamed "Hermon" [ed. note: Hermon? Bwahahahahahaha!].

“The formal introduction and shipment of ‘Hermon’ is on track for this year,” writes an Intel spokesman in an email note to Unstrung.

In light of Intel’s marketing efforts with its WiMax chipset, Hermon looks set to be a Munster of a launch (see Intel's WiMax Drive and Intel Maxes on WiMax).

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

freetoair 12/5/2012 | 3:17:43 AM
re: Intel Maxes on 3G Spend Not surprising while they have met with very limited success against TI & QCOM in cellualr chipset market, this market has always been thier primary goal.

WiMAX PR train has enjoyed a long run of unquestioning media support, but now has lost steam as people look at this more objectively.
- no spectrum
- no compelling technology advantage
- limited, even in volume, cost benefits
- and most significant of all, no clear differentiated application(s)

The WiMAX Forum has become defensive and is in a stage of crisis to shore up the story and folks like Craig Barrett (CEO Intel) have vented as below:

Barrett also levelled his ire at governments for holding up WiMax deployment. Intel and others are currently negotiating for spectrum rights around the world to run WiMax, which allows wide area wireless broadband internet access.

"I believe in the Hippocratic Oath for government: first do no harm. That means sorting out spectrum allocation, fostering R&D and creating an environment to let business function," he said.

"[WiMax] is the solution to the 'last mile' broadband issue. It will get us out of the half-assed broadband situation we're in today. 1Mbps to 2Mbps is not broadband; 50Mbps is."

Is he saying WiMAX will deliver 50MBps???
Geez in any size deployment to achieve any half way viable economic model (cell sub capacity vs range) achieving an aggrate data rate of 1MBps with WiMAX for wireless DSL will be a challenge. Wireless backhual/E1/T1 is old news and not a great growth area.

As I understand it 3.5GHz is the first band target worldwide by WiMAX Forum. Oops the RF coverage/propogation is terrible, in-building penetration stinks and external installed Antennas are a non-starter for DSL type service.
Furthermore there really is not alot of spectrum there once you start breaking it up to share amongst multiple service providers.

Reality bites.
But Intel is playing both games, one political, WiMAX and the other smart business, 3G.
Look for OFDM to make it into future 3G/UMTS standards and for WiMAX to be the new flavor for the same old Wireless T1/E1 market, but not for any meaningful business in Wireless DSL or Mobile Broadband.
IPobserver 12/5/2012 | 3:16:40 AM
re: Intel Maxes on 3G Spend 3G certainly seems to be a message Intel wants to get out.

At a cellular infrastructure conference in the UK last week, Andrew Greenhalgh, IntelGs director of strategic marketing, mobility, worldwide, said:

GǣWe have more engineers working on 3G silicon than we do on WiMax.Gǥ

To get this comment twice in two weeks, from two different high-level speakers, during presentations ostensibly about WiMax, tells us something.
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