Indians Dump Humpty

1:20 PM -- According to BBC News there are hidden vestiges of colonial imperialism that have yet to be rooted out on the sub-continent. But authorities are working on it:

    It's goodbye to Baa Baa Black Sheep and Humpty Dumpty for children in primary schools in a central Indian state.

    The Madhya Pradesh government has banned the teaching of English nursery rhymes in primary schools to "reduce Western influence" on children.

    Indian rhymes will now replace their popular English counterparts.

    "There is no need for English rhymes when there are Indian rhymes to infuse patriotism in children," says state education minister Narrotam Mishra.
I got one: "Maharajah, have you any wool?"

The kids'll love it!

— Red Panda, Goodwill Ambassador, Light Reading

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