iFail: Mixed Signals

4:00 PM -- Antenna makers and other smartphone vendors are starting to weigh in on the signal fade issue surrounding the iPhone 4.

Antenna designer SkyCross Inc. says that it knows how Apple could mitigate the problem of signal fade with the new phone. The vendor notes, in a release, that the antenna in the casing on the iPhone 4 is "exposed to the user’s touch," so the possibility of a tight grip affecting the signal strengh "is magnified due to the conductive nature of human skin on these metal antenna elements."

SkyCross claims that there is a relatively simple fix that could be applied when the phones are made: "A non-conductive coating could have been applied on the metal ring around the iPhone 4 to protect the exposed antennas from unintended signal attenuation when the user’s hand crosses the so-called 'antenna gap.' "

The fix for all the phones already out there is still a piece of tape over the exposed antenna gap or a case. I'm still holding out for an Apple-branded roll of duck tape, myself.

Meanwhile, other smartphone makers are getting annoyed by Apple's claims that their phones also experience signal fade when gripped the wrong way. You can read Sarah Ready's story on the separate responses from Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK), BlackBerry , and Samsung Corp. to the Apple claims here.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

FredStein 12/5/2012 | 4:29:23 PM
re: iFail: Mixed Signals

How many people have died? How many people have lost 1/2 their savings due to iPhone4?

Did you hear Apple's quarterly report?


shygye75 12/5/2012 | 4:29:22 PM
re: iFail: Mixed Signals

Hi, Fred -- Even the most starry-eyed Apple loyalist has to admit that making a product with such a basic design flaw is at least an embarrassment, and that papering over the issue by throwing competitors under the proverbial bus is bad form. No?

paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 4:29:20 PM
re: iFail: Mixed Signals

I think the issue is that Apple has denied issues for a long time with its phones dropping more calls than other phones.  It clearly has software issues and on top of that has compounded it with hardware issues.

Instead of admitting that it has problems, it runs around telling the world that it still has no problems even when an organization as respected as Consumer Reports shows the issues.

The best part is that lots of folks (like you) are rushing to the defense of a company who is acting an awful lot like Lebron James.  Live by the PR sword...Die by the PR sword.




FredStein 12/5/2012 | 4:29:20 PM
re: iFail: Mixed Signals

Embarrassing? Yes. You are 100% correct it is embarrassing.

Maybe all other Mobile phones are perfect.

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