Iceland is Hottest Broadband Country

According to the latest statistics from the OECD, Iceland leads the world in broadband penetration with 26.7 subscribers per 100 inhabitants. It is a tribute to the nation's marketing savvy. As one Icelander once told me, "With our name, foreigners think the country is icy cold and stay away. But we're a green land, it's Greenland that's really icy." Very shrewd people, those Icelanders. It is in fact this population-limiting sophistication that enabled Iceland to leapfrog Korea, the Netherlands and Denmark to capture the world broadband crown. You see, Iceland only counts 78,017 broadband customers. That compares to 12.1 million for Korea, 4.1 million for the Netherlands and 1.3 million for Denmark. Each of those nations sport a broadband penetration rate of just over 25 subscribers per 100 inhabitants. In sheer numbers, the U.S. still reigns with 49.3 million broadband customers, though that only translates into a rate of 16.7 subscribers per 100 residents, placing the U.S. twelfth internationally. Overall, the OECD reported 158 million broadband subscribers among its 30 member nations at the end of 2005, equal to 13.6 subscribers per 100 inhabitants. DSL continues to dominate cable around the globe with a 61% share. The only OECD countries where cable leads DSL are the U.S. and Canada. For full details, see www.oecd.org/sti/ict/broadband
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