I Heart Cable

9:15 AM -- Programming note: I'm abandoning this blog (and my desk) for a few days so I can get a little rest. And I have a two year-old, so I do mean a little rest.

Anyway, I'm leaving this space in the loving hands of Alan Breznick and Michael Harris, the guys who run our sister site, Cable Digital News.

With the help of our crackin' (cracked?) Copy Desk, Breznick and Harris will be posting their stuff here and you'll probably fall in love with them and forget you even know me.

I'll be back on August 1, unless my agents, attorneys, handlers, and other assorted hangers-on advise me to hold out for a fatter contract. Until then, enjoy your whimsical walk on the cable side.

Oh, one last thing -- just to tweak the cats at Pulver.com . Do me a favor and let me know which video is harder to watch: Video 1, from Pulver's VON show, or Video 2, the sportscast from Hell?

There is no right answer. There's only good times.

— Phil Harvey, R&R Editor, Light Reading

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