'I HATE Halloween!'

4:20 PM -- Who ya gonna call? MSNBC.com reports on what happens when a drunken Halloween hater snaps:

    A woman says a neighbor attacked her inflatable Halloween lawn display of three ghosts and a giant pumpkin, then apparently smashed his head through her window in a fit of rage.

"Heeere's Johnny!"

    State Police said officers found a drunken John Odee, 43, inside Dawn Garcia's house in the Hudson Valley town of Lloyd on Thursday night, arrested him after a brief struggle and charged him with burglary.

    Garcia told the Middletown Times Herald-Record she heard hollering and swearing and looked outside to see Odee struggling with the giant pumpkin. "He was enraged. I could see that," she said.

Impressive. Can you read minds, too?

    When she yelled at him to go away, Odee charged the house. She fled through the back door with three of her children and heard window glass breaking. She called 911 from another neighbor's house. Police said Odee used his head to smash a window to get in.

Hey, this guy sounds like a real jack-ass-o-lantern! HAHAHAHAHA! Shazam!

Here's the kicker:

    No problems with last year's decoaration [sic]
    "What made him do that, I don't know," Garcia said. "We had the same decoration up last year and it didn't bother him."

So, are you saying, the vigilante attack on the Halloween display is somehow illogical? I simply won't believe it!

— Red Panda, Boo(ze), Light Reading

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