Hula Girls

7:00 PM -- Every year we cover Supercomm and every year you ask: "Where are the photos of the Hula Networks booth?"

That kind of question reminds me that being a journalist is a tough gig. Our reason for being is to impart necessary information to our readers. But our readers don't always want necessary information. Sometimes they just want this:

So we sometimes attempt both. For instance, did you know that since 1940, an average of 91,685 more male babies have been born each year than females?

That's solid, journalistic research. And it helps explain the lines at the Hula Networks booth:

Another job of the journalist is to remember things from the past and compare them to now -- this allows us to put new information in a broader context.

And it allows me to repost this photo of last year's Hula exhibit:

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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