Huawei was presented the Intelligent Cloud-Network Global Best Customer Value Award by Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan presented Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. with the 2021 Intelligent Cloud-Network Global Best Customer Value Award, following research into the cloud-network solution market and assessments on relevant industry players. Frost & Sullivan China Partner Lu Jing presented the award to Zhang Xuefeng, Marketing Director of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line.

As the world's digital economy accelerates, digital services such as smart city, online education, telemedicine, and home office are changing people's lives. By 2025, 85% of enterprise infrastructure will be deployed on the cloud, making cloudification an unstoppable trend in the course of digital transformation. So far, many countries and economies have drawn up their digital strategies, including China's New Infrastructure Plan and the US's Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. Industries are also actively going digital.

Digital, intelligent, and service-oriented cloud networks are set to become the underlying infrastructure for implementing digital strategies. Just as power grids transmit electricity to households, cloud networks will transmit computing power and intelligence to industries, allowing people to enjoy digital services easily and making production more efficient.

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure. The company is committed to robust operations, innovation, and collaboration, and has built competitive end-to-end solutions in the telecom, enterprise, device, and cloud computing domains. Huawei's intelligent cloud-network solution, comprising cloud access campus networks, inter-cloud connection networks, intra-cloud data center networks, cloud-network security, and network digital services, will meet the scenario-specific needs of different industries.

Specifically, Huawei helps carriers build cloud-based service networks for their enterprise customers, maximizing the value of network resources. Huawei also provides cloud campus network solutions for smart stores, telemedicine, distance learning, and flexible manufacturing, among other scenarios. These solutions increase efficiency by erasing the boundaries between different organizations and making networks as fast as clouds. In data centers, Huawei's lossless Ethernet networks support intelligent resource scheduling and network fault self-healing. This enables both computing and storage services to help enterprises cut costs while improving efficiency. Wide area networks (WANs) allow one-hop access to the cloud, guaranteed SLA experience, and visualized cloudification status, helping customers move to the cloud quickly and smoothly. Cloud-network-security solutions build security shields for enterprise cloudification through intelligent network analysis, dynamic detection, and comprehensive defense. Moving forward, Huawei will offer network digital services to help enterprises move to the cloud more easily.

Huawei's intelligent cloud-network solution has been widely applied by governments, and in industries such as finance, transportation, energy, education, and healthcare to accelerate cloudification and help enterprises reap the benefits of the digital economy.

About the Best Customer Value Award

The Best Customer Value Award recognizes enterprises' outstanding performance and achievements in terms of customer service, branding, market growth, growth strategy, and contribution to the industry. Through in-depth interviews, industry analyses, and secondary surveys, Frost & Sullivan nominated a number of competitive enterprises to an independent jury, who decided to present the Intelligent Cloud-Network Global Best Customer Value Award to Huawei.

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