Huawei Picks Agere

HONG KONG and ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- Agere Systems (NYSE: AGR) today announced that its TrueAdvantage™ Wireless Access Solution hardware and software wireless platform has been selected by Huawei Technologies, a world-leading wireless access equipment provider. Huawei is using Agere’s platform in its converged, next-generation, multiservice, multiprotocol wireless infrastructure equipment to be deployed around the world. Agere is demonstrating these wireless solutions during the 3G World Congress tradeshow in Hong Kong this week.

By adopting Agere Systems’ APP300 network processor and LLP (Link Layer Processor) device, Huawei will build next-generation wireless platforms that integrate Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks and Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This will enable wireless communications to enter a new era of better performance and higher reliability. Both companies will focus on accelerating 2G/3G deployments worldwide.

Huawei has a strong commitment to rapidly deploy flexible, scalable software and hardware wireless platforms worldwide. The company’s products support all current wireless standards and protocols. By mid-2005, Huawei had won 11 Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) business contracts and 10 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO business contracts. 3G solutions have been successfully applied in countries and regions such as the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.

“Huawei has proven to be a major player in the global telecom equipment market, and an early adopter of leading technologies for its customers,” said Carlos Garcia, vice president of marketing, Agere Systems’ Telecommunications Division. “Agere and Huawei share a common vision of delivering low-cost and high-performance services to the market. The same philosophy will allow us to achieve the common goal.”

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