How HKBN Transforms from a Telco Operator to an ICT Powerhouse

We hear plenty in the business world about the necessity of transformation for the modern digital age. For HKBN, business transformation is embedded in its “Change or Die” DNA. That’s far more than mere mantra – it accurately describes the firm’s significant evolution from a telco operator into one of the fastest-growing ICT businesses in Asia. Through a series of M&A deals, HKBN now operates an ultra-resilience carrier fiber network that serves customers in both residential and enterprise markets, with products and services spanning everything from broadband, voice, mobile and OTT entertainment to cybersecurity, network infrastructure, system integration, IoT, and digital solutions.

Guided by the company’s stated mission to “Make our Home a Better Place to Live,” HKBN now serves one in three families and one in two active companies in Hong Kong SAR, according to Danny Li, HKBN Co-Owner and Group CTO.

In the residential market, Li says the company’s deep commitment to change helped it foresee demand for the depth and breadth of services it now offers beyond basic connectivity.

“Long before COVID, we embraced change rather than wait for change to happen,” Li told Light Reading.

HKBN connects people wherever they are, with both reliable in-home broadband and ultra-fast 5G mobile service. Li also notes that they’ve moved beyond connectivity, highlighting HKBN’s partnerships with popular streaming services to deliver top-notch entertainment and HKBN’s all-in-one Home Gateway and smart home/IoT solutions to better secure home networks.

On the enterprise front, HKBN has grown tremendously during the past six years, increasing revenues eight-fold and doubling its enterprise customer base, with roughly half of all active Hong Kong SAR businesses among its clients.

Moreover, the firm has become a go-to digital transformation partner, thanks in part to its acquisition of 60-year-old SI firm JOS and its pan-Asia footprint. That has helped make HKBN a trusted choice for Hong Kong SAR businesses looking to enter the Chinese Mainland market, and Chinese Mainland companies looking to expand into the ASEAN territory or globally.

Li adds that HKBN’s partnerships with major tech vendors around the world are also instrumental to its growth and success.

“We go big together with our partners,” Li said. “The more strategic partners we have, the more competitive we can deliver best-fit solutions, services, and products which our customers are demanding.”

HKBN’s collaboration with Huawei is a prime example. “We also collaborate with Huawei with their advanced network platform, including GPON, core network, DWDM to support local enterprises and families,” Li says. That partnership enables HKBN to deploy 2Gbps internet to its residential customers, among other impacts.

Best of all, HKBN’s growth it’s not just a business win, but a broader success. Li notes that the company is purpose-driven. HKBN has numerous ESG initiatives and accolades, including achieving the Industry-leading MSCI AAA rating – HKBN is among the world’s top 9% of telco operators, and Hong Kong SAR’s only telco to obtain AAA rating.

HKBN also prioritizes its people talent, with a co-ownership model that helps align employee interests with that of the company, its partners and investors, and the communities it operates in.

“Our people embrace “Make our Home a Better Place to Live” as our core purpose, to create positive impacts to the society,” Li says.

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