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3:40 PM -- From The Philter's Ugly Ideas file, a new dating service says it won't even let you join if you're not attractive enough:

NEW YORK, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- For at least the last few years, the industry trend for dating sites has favored personality surveys, including elaborate search engines, to help singles find the perfect match.

Counter programming to the notion that love-seekers are focused exclusively on "what's within" is the new dating site HotEnough.org. HotEnough.org is designed solely for those with above-average looks, with very few exceptions; 8.5 is currently the lowest "score" among its initial crop of new members.

The site will judge prospective daters on physical attractiveness alone, nothing else, most applicants not even making "the cut" to become a member.

"Let's face it. Most guys, and women I know, judge heavily on looks alone. And initially, when you're surfing an online dating profile, what more do you have to go by? Do you really care what the last book was that someone read," stated founder and CEO, Jason Pellegrino.

"I created this site out of my own frustration from scrolling through pages and pages of uninviting profiles on sites like Match.com which, frankly, aren't populated with a high ratio of lookers."

After meeting the criteria and passing an initial audition set in place by the site and a panel of judges, those who come out with a score of 8-10 on the Hot-O-Meter for the voting process will be honored with a free membership.

Applicants submit three photos, including a full body shot, to the site for consideration. If the site administrators determine the applicant is "hot enough", he or she is granted prospective member status and then moves on to the voting area. Prospective members must then receive twenty-five votes from other HotEnough.org members of the 8+ sort.

"I consider myself an attractive guy by most standards, but I seriously doubt I'll pass my own submission process," Pellegrino added. HotEnough.org members gain full-access to exclusive incentives including special offers from many of today's hottest retailers, including VIP admission and drink specials from member area's hottest clubs and restaurants.

Wait a minute! If you're that good looking, why have you been relegated to having to meet people online?

— Phil Harvey, Hot Editor, Light Reading

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