Honorable Mentions: Jan. 23

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The following are the most widely read stories linked from Matt's Mentions for the week ending Jan. 20, 2012:

  1. Will Microsoft Buy RIM or Nokia? 
  2. A New Breed of 4G Phones Emerges 
  3. Why Are Android Smartphones Bigger Than the iPhone?
  4. Telecom Vendors Expect Slow 2012 
  5. Study: Why Do People Use Facebook? 
  6. The Year of the Dumb & Dumber, Sub-$100 Smartphone – 500 Million of Them 
  7. Vodafone Best-Placed to Profit from M2M – Analyst 
  8. 500M Sub $100 Smartphones to Be Sold This Year 
  9. Samsung Says Not Interested in Buying RIM 
  10. Phone Recycling Machine Lets You Drop in Old Mobiles – & Spits Out Cash Instantly 
— Matt Donnelly, Managing Editor, Pyramid Research

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