Honorable Mentions: Dec. 5

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The following are the most widely read stories linked from Matt's Mentions for the week ending Dec. 2, 2011:

  1. RIM Admits Defeat, Starts Making iOS Software
  2. Technology Trend Predictions from Verizon for 2012
  3. NSN Hangs Its Future on the Liquid Net
  4. Amdocs Attempts to Redefine the Data Plan with New Launch
  5. Huawei Claims LTE Standards Leadership
  6. Do Data Caps Punish the Wrong Users?
  7. The Future of Technology Means Making the Computer Disappear
  8. Operators Raise Voice Services on LTE
  9. HTC 'Not Another Nokia' Says CFO
  10. Apple's Black Friday Retail Store Sales Were Off the Charts
-- Matt Donnelly, Managing Editor, Pyramid Research

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