Hong Kong Moments

Hong Kong is an amazing place, something I had almost forgotten in the eight or so years since my last visit. It's very hard to take a ten-minute wander and not find all of your senses challenged (mostly in a positive way...).

My recent visit at the beginning of November was to attend the Global Mobile Broadband Forum event.

But I also had time to take a couple of photos as I walked between meetings and sought out some caffeine. Here are a few pictures I thought were worth sharing. Click on the picture below to start the slideshow.

Misty Morning
All was calm as I crossed the water by train to get the AsiaWorld-Expo site near the airport.
All was calm as I crossed the water by train to get the AsiaWorld-Expo site near the airport.

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Ariella 11/29/2015 | 4:13:33 PM
Re: More time needed @Ray you had time to do fishing while you were there? Or do you just enjoy browsing in the shop?
Susan Fourtané 11/29/2015 | 12:53:15 PM
A view from the train Ray,

I liked it how you started the slideshow with a view from the train and ended it with another view from the train. Those trees in the urban jungle shot at least give some oxygen to the city. Is Hong Kong's high levels of pollution noticeable when you are not used to it? 

danielcawrey 11/27/2015 | 4:09:03 PM
Re: More time needed Hong Kong is certainly an interesting tourist destination.

The fact that its airport services a lot of international flights for Asia plus the fact that American citizens can go there without a visa make it even more desireable! 
[email protected] 11/26/2015 | 12:38:18 PM
More time needed I saw a tiny fraction of Hong Kong - it is such an amazing place just to walk around and just turn a corner and see what is there.Amazing street  markets and incredible views and some pretty darned good food too. I should go back when I am not working...
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