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Apple WWDC News: Twitter Brings the Funny

Apple on Monday kicked off its annual WorldWide Developers conference with a swathe of updates to its mobile, smartwatch, TV, desktop operating systems and cloud services.

As usual, Apple fans both at the event and tuning in on the livestream treated the presentation like a sporting event, live-tweeting comments and wisecracks.

Here's the best of what we saw, starting with a gratuitous cat photo from Mari Silbey, Light Reading's own senior editor of cable/video:

— Mitch Wagner, Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn profile, Editor, Light Reading Enterprise Cloud.

Joe Stanganelli 6/24/2016 | 11:43:10 AM
Re: Live tweeting Apple @Mitch: It wasn't a problem.  The appreciation, however, was limited because of the somewhat esoteric subject matter.

Thanks for the follow!  :)
Mitch Wagner 6/15/2016 | 3:58:53 PM
But seriously If you're interested in seeing what Apple announced, but don't want to sit through the two hours of Apple's oficial video, here it is boiled down to 7 minutes:

Mitch Wagner 6/14/2016 | 11:46:29 AM
Re: Live tweeting Apple Why was that a problem?

Now I'm checking to make sure I'm following you on Twitter. 
Joe Stanganelli 6/14/2016 | 6:38:06 AM
Live tweeting Apple Reminds me of when I cracked wise while live Tweeting the Congressiinal hearing where Tim Cook had to testify, back when they were all up in arms over Apple using foreign tax shelters. Didn't get so much Twitter love for that.
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