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Hesse: The Most Trusted Man in Wireless?

11:35 AM -- He's baaaack. After a brief hiatus in which Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) used actors in awkward situations to promote its unlimited plans, CEO Dan Hesse has returned to the small screen to explain to consumers what "unlimited" really means and, more directly, illustrate how his competitors don't get it. (See Sprint CEO Taunts Competitors Over Unlimited.)

In announcing the new commercial, Sprint stated that 10-time commercial star Hesse has become a trusted voice. This isn't a statement you would see in years past where most CEOs were not well known, much less trusted.

But, Sprint's point is a fair one, as it pointed out in the following chart (see below) that was embedded in its press release. Unlimited is a message that should resonate with a lot of consumers who fear the uncertainty of overages. Hesse didn't go as far as to promise Sprint would never subject its customers to the tactics of its competitors, but, for now, Sprint's pricing message should work to its advantage.

Sprint Breaks It Down

And, as far as if Hesse is a trusted voice of reason, some viewers think so. One commenter noted, "That guy look[s] and sounds like your friend's hip, cool dad. You know the one that smiles a lot and drives a Porsche."

I guess if you'd trust a smiley guy in a Porsche, then mission accomplished, Sprint.

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading Mobile

Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 5:10:31 PM
re: Hesse: The Most Trusted Man in Wireless?

I'd almost say Hesse's becoming the Dave Thomas of telecom, but Hesse comes off a bit more straightlaced than Wendy's founder and former pitchman, may he rest in peace.  But Hesse still does manage to put a kinder, gentler face on a wireless giant. JB

sarahthomas1011 12/5/2012 | 5:10:30 PM
re: Hesse: The Most Trusted Man in Wireless?

That's exactly what I was thinking! I'm a fan of Hesse in commercials. I don't think it'd work for every CEO, but he's taken some risks in putting himself out there, and I think it resonates with consumers.

I was a big fan of Dave Thomas too, for that matter.

Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 5:10:30 PM
re: Hesse: The Most Trusted Man in Wireless?

Yeah, me too. Thomas came off as an regular guy who would flip burgers on the grill and enjoy a Frosty with the shift manager.  Having Hesse back in the ads certainly makes Sprint more friendly and accessible but he still dresses the part of a high power CEO and doesn't seem like the kind of guy who's ready to jump in a truck and help the little guy with  a tower inspection.  But agree that not every CEO can pull this off, and having Hesse pull some Dave Thomas-like goofiness would look way out of place.  JB

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