He's 'Farm Strong'

2:45 PM -- Excuse me while a take a moment to brag about my nephew Patrick Gratzke. I want to brag, really, and I'm not just doing this because he can beat me up. Anyway, Pat got a nice write up in this morning's Star-Telegram:
With playing center comes the task of blocking defensive linemen who weigh 300-plus pounds. Gratzke faced that test two weeks ago when Trinity played South Grand Prairie. Not only were the Trojans facing possibly their biggest test in 7-5A, but the Warriors' blue-chip recruit, offensive lineman Tray Allen, also played on the defensive line. Allen (6-4, 305) outweighed Gratzke by almost 80 pounds, but Gratzke and the Trojans controlled the line of scrimmage, helping the offense rush for 301 yards.

High praise indeed. But I watched the Trinity vs. South Grand Prairie game a couple of weeks ago and I think "controlled" is an understatement. Controlling the line of scrimmage, if you think about it, keeps the game at nil. Dominating gives you five rushing TDs and one fumble, compared to SGP, who rushed for one TD and fumbled four times.

Congrats, Pat. Clip out that article. Only in the world of Texas football would someone go on and on about a 226-pound high school kid being small in stature.

When I was in high school, I don't think I weighed 226 pounds even when I was in my car. But we didn't have football back then. No, our sports program consisted of saber-toothed tiger races and hitting each other with rocks. Back in my day, hey, where are you going...

— Phil Harvey, Sports Editor, Light Reading

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