Here's Squinting at You

2:15 PM -- TechTarget has created a new mascot to compete with great mascots of yore "to save another IT marketer's day!" So says, get ready for it, Magnifier Man.

The one and only Magnifier Man has been enlisted to tout TechTarget's Lead Magnifier product. Whatever that may be.

You can give this master of magnification a ring at 781-657-1781. Be sure to leave a message as it seems that Magnifier Man is awful busy turning "IT pros into better sales pros."

Keep watching this space as Light Reading prepares to launch its new mascot: Larry the Attack Cable Modem Termination System. The kids will love him.

— Red Panda, Recovering Mascot, Light Reading

CoolLightGeek 12/5/2012 | 3:46:04 AM
re: Here's Squinting at You "TechTarget MagnifierGÇÖs re-messaging component is a powerful and comprehensive service that cultivates and prioritizes leads as they are in research-to-buy mode. TechTarget Magnifier does this by offering prospects content complementary to the content they originally downloaded. Through re-messaging, prospects are kept engaged with relevant content over an extended period of time which in turn enables marketers to cultivate an ongoing relationship with them."

Think of it as you playing the unsuspecting ant and the marketeer playing the kid and "Magnifier" playing the big magnifying glass on a sunny day.

Does TechTarget have a co-marketing deal with the movie "The Ant Bully" ?
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