Hello, China!

1:30 PM -- It seems the Japanese will stop at nothing to win hearts and minds (especially hearts) to their "culture." Yahoo News reports:

    Japan will on Monday appoint the mouthless feline cartoon character Hello Kitty as a goodwill tourism ambassador in China and Hong Kong, with the aim of promoting visits here, Kyodo News has reported...

    It will mark the first time a cartoon character has become a goodwill ambassador for Japan...
And about time! But wait -- what about charm?

    In March, the foreign ministry appointed the nation's beloved [earless] cartoon robo-cat Doraemon as a charm ambassador in a bid to promote the nation's culture and win the hearts of future world leaders.

Japan's Terror Ambassadors discuss the Kyoto Treaty.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

Michael Poole 12/5/2012 | 3:40:20 PM
re: Hello, China! Kitty a cartoon character? I've never thought of her as such. She's just this inanimate (and mouthless) object that adorns various items intended to be sold to young (and not so young) females by exuding "cute". She can't ever do anything because her head is permanently turned to one side by a full 90 degrees.

As for being an ambassador, she's only an ambassador for Sanrio, the "One Stop Smile Shop" (oh gawd!).

I'm not sure what Doraemon is an ambassador for. Although programmed with good intentions, he's sort of, well, rascally. However, Doraemon definitely is a cartoon character, and still is primarily such.


Larry, Monkey 12/5/2012 | 3:40:18 PM
re: Hello, China! What? You've never seen "Hello Kitty vs Mothra"? "Hello Kitty Does Dallas"? You're really missing out.

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