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Subex Azure Boasts Growth

BANGALORE, India -- Subex Azure Ltd., the world's largest vendor of revenue maximization solutions for telecom operators today announced the successful global integration of businesses, employees & products of the two merging companies - Subex Systems and Azure Solutions. The results of the integration were reflected in the strong financial performance of the new combined entity for the second quarter of FY07.

This is a significant moment for Subex Azure as the completion of 100 days for the new company also coincided with wider acceptance of Subex Azure's solutions during the quarter. Some of the recent customers include Kenyan mobile services provider Safaricom, and Oman telecommunications among others. Additionally Subex Azure derived strong momentum in an increasing number of markets particularly in African countries like Kenya and in South East Asian countries like Indonesia.

This merger has also further strengthened Subex Azure's strategic business approach to help telcos establish the Revenue Operations Center (ROC). Today, Subex Azure is uniquely positioned as the leading provider of software solutions that power the ROC by leveraging its deep domain knowledge, world-class support and integrated suite of best-of-class solutions, RevMaxT.

"This quarter saw strong growth and momentum in Subex Azure's business worldwide. With a talented pool of Subexians, powerful portfolio of products and continued innovation, Subex Azure has enormous potential to grow," said Subash Menon, Founder Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Subex Azure Limited. "Our customers have reaffirmed their faith in Subex Azure as the leading global provider of Revenue Maximization solutions for telecom operators. Our Q2 results reflect this faith as our revenues grew by 137% as compared to Q1 and we continue to be the vendor of choice with the best in class products and services for our customers," he said.

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