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4:30 PM -- Today's mind vitamin: Why aren't reporters chased out of more tech conferences?

  • Aren't we letting 8x8 milk this whole "we're not like SunRocket" thing a bit too much? Verizon isn't like SunRocket, either, and you don't hear them popping champagne corks.
  • Rule of thumb: Most legislation crafted to protect children from naughty content usually comes off sounding childish.
  • Former President J. Nicholas Hoover talks to a chap at Google about its enterprise plans. Look, anything they can do to help me find stuff in that pile on my desk would be appreciated.
  • Apparently winning all the IPTV deployments in America would give you no significant market share. Sorry, Alcatel-Lucent. (See last quote in story.)
  • The NY Times discovers that streaming media is not quite mass market. In other news, advertising is becoming more targeted.
  • Another WoW expansion pack is coming. We know neither the hour, nor the price. But it will be well received, if the first pack was any indicator.
— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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