Headlines & Rumblings

12:25 PM --

  • That Bernie Ebbers isn't very well liked, is he?

  • AT&T is now enabling mobile downloads from eMusic, a leading independent music service. Now you can get bands you've never heard of -- on the go.

  • You're not a snob. You're a consumer of yourself. Got it?

  • How AOL castoffs may have killed SunRocket. In other news, what was SunRocket?

  • Are you poor? Live in Oklahoma? Love cable? Today is your lucky day (other circumstances notwithstanding).

  • I don't know why Sirius is losing so much money. Is it so far-fetched that folks would want to pay for good music/audio entertainment?

  • Infineon's reportedly sick of its new CFO. Oh, to be German and numbers-oriented...
— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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