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4:20 PM -- Scattershooting while wondering why Blackie Sherrod never had a blog...

  • Western Digital has found new life for old hard drives. But how many episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" does one really need to have on file at once?
  • Vonage will roll up its sleeves and give you a good deal. Just as soon as you threaten to leave them. And isn't that how all relationships work? (Hint: Gentlemen, don't answer that.)
  • This is John Hoffman's real voice. Honest.
  • The British loves them some free downloads. And they could give a rat's arse if they're caught.
  • Hey, Programmers! Time to get paid for your mashups. Maybe I should have said "remunerated." Someone's going to misread that and get their hopes up.
  • Finally, XO's got a stronger, sexier core, just like on the late-night commercials. And you'd think adding 800 Gbit/s all at once would at least give you love-handles.
— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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