HDTV Still Proves Fuzzy for Many Consumers

Consumer confustion about HDTV still runs rampant, according to a new study commissioned by Scientific-Atlanta. The telephone survey, released earlier this week, found that nearly half (49%) of all HDTV set owners don't get special HD reception equipment or subscribe to HD programming packages. The study also found that many consumers are still confused about what it takes to enjoy actual HDTV service. Specifically, some 28% of HDTV owners without the special equipment said they didn't get HD set-top boxes, CableCARDs or over-the-air antennas because their picture quality was already improved by the new set. Another 23% didn't buy the extra gear because of the messages that programmers use to identify their shows as HD. And 18% said they believed the HDTV set would provide HD channels without any additional equipment. As a result, S-A said it's working with cable operators to launch a new consumer awareness campaign about HDTV. The campaign, called "The True-Def of Hi-Def," will focus on the equipment that viewers need to fully experience HD.
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