Hawaii I-Net Upgrades With LuxN

HONOLULU -- In the race to keep up with the ever-increasing connectivity and bandwidth demands of its constituents, the Hawaii Institutional Network (I-Net) has turned to LuxN, a leading provider of high-bandwidth multi-service optical access solutions, to enhance its existing fiber optic network. LuxN enables the I-Net to increase its network capacity and reach by deploying LuxN WavSystem(TM), a versatile and affordable optical access platform that simultaneously supports high-bandwidth data, video, storage, and other time division multiplexing services. LuxN WavSystem, which will underlay the existing I-Net OC-12 SONET infrastructure, preserves the existing investment, while enabling both an order of magnitude increase in bandwidth and the support of additional traffic, such as Gigabit Ethernet, over the same two-strand optical fiber plant.

"LuxN provided us with an elegant solution to get the extra capacity we needed from our current optical network without sacrificing our existing SONET investment," said University of Hawaii Director of Information Technology David Lassner. "The additional flexibility and bandwidth afforded by LuxN's optical access offerings literally does have far reaching benefits because we can extend our high-speed network access to outlying areas, furthering the I-Net's effectiveness in bridging the digital divides within Hawaii." Senator Colleen Hanabusa (D - Barbers Point to Makaha) noted that "this commitment to LuxN's optical solution will increase the educational opportunities in our often-neglected area."

birdieking 12/4/2012 | 8:48:57 PM
re: Hawaii I-Net Upgrades With LuxN I am sure the LuxN share holders love the college wins, how about a carrier win with some substance...and please don't try to sell me the MFN deal as big.....Does anyone have a banana?
StartUpGuy1 12/4/2012 | 8:48:53 PM
re: Hawaii I-Net Upgrades With LuxN I guess building a network that spans the entire state of Hawaii is not a big deal in your book.

As for MFN, they are deploying a revenue generating service using LuxN equipment. It is called VISX. Not testing or evaluating, but deploying. This service is new for MFN, since they are the ones that are provisioning and supporting it.

light_on_dude 12/4/2012 | 8:48:26 PM
re: Hawaii I-Net Upgrades With LuxN I read this article and the previous posts, I'd say in this market this is a big win. This gear seems to be what service providers are looking for. It works with existing infrastructure AND enables new services, sounds good to me. Aren't all the "Big Boys" saying they wont give up their sonet for optical just yet? If so, this solution seems perfect for them, best of both worlds. Just my humble opinion.
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