Harris Does WiMax

3:05 PM -- Microwave specialist Harris Stratex Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: HSTX) will go to WiMAX World in Chicago next week with more than its Ethernet microwave gear for backhaul and transport. The company will show off its new capability to provide an end-to-end WiMax network from the customer premises to the core.

Through a partnership with another company (which Harris Stratex would not revealed to us yet), the microwave vendor can deliver a complete WiMax network to operators, including some customer premises equipment, base stations, and some core network elements, not to mention the microwave backhaul infrastructure and network design and planning. Harris says that this offering is in trial and proof of concept phase with some operator customers outside the U.S.

"We don't want to stay a one-radio company. Why not provide the complete radio access network and everything that goes with it?" Shaun McFall, VP of marketing at Harris Stratex, tells Unstrung. "Our geographic footprint and our customer base... allow us to support a number of other things as well. The technology is not that different from what we play with every day anyway."

For Harris, this looks like a good move for some incremental revenue. And perhaps their WiMax partner will be revealed next week. — Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Unstrung

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