Hargray Takes Over Cellular Backhaul

In a lesson for other cable operators, Hargray Communications is working to transform its cellular backhaul traffic from an expense item to a profit center. A small MSO serving parts of South Carolina and Georgia, Hargray is teaming up with Vyyo's Xtend Networks to carry mobile wireless traffic on its HFC network from cell towers to its headend at T1 speeds. By carrying cell tower traffic on its cable plant, Hargray aims to cut its own cellular backhaul costs, which have been climbing steadily. No longer will the company, which also offers landline phone and wireless service, have to lease space from incumbent phone providers. Beyond reaping the immediate cost savings, Hargray plans to offer the T1 service to other wireless carriers in the Beaufort and Bluffton, S.C. markets. Company officials are pricing the service at $200 a month cheaper than what the incumbent charges. So who says cable can't play the T1 game?

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