Happy Blogidays

9:00 AM -- From The Philter's In Case You Were Wondering file, here's a clip from a Sept. 3 story in Newsday, on the subject of folks who work while on vacation:

About 43 percent of working Americans say they do work while on vacation, according to a study by Steelcase Inc., a Michigan-based office furniture company. That number is nearly twice what it was 10 years ago, when only 23 percent said they worked on vacation.

This is something that people are really struggling with," said Nancy Rothbard, management professor at the University of Pennsylvania. In her research Rothbard has noted that some people are able to "segment their lives" into separate areas that don't cross over. "But other people are stressed out by being completely cut off," she said. "For them, touching base every once in a while just to make sure everything's OK allows them to enjoy themselves and relax."

One thing sane people don't do on vacation is maintain their blogs. So look for few, if any posts from this space until December 4.

— Phil Harvey, Vacation Editor, Light Reading

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